Hen Injured by Roo "Pictures added"

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  1. It seems that my RIR roo has really mangled one of my RIR hens really severly! You can see where the srup has went in on both sides of her flank. What can I do for her? She is really super soar should I poor some peroxide or something on her? I am so sick to my stomach. I was so mad that I caught the roo and cut both of his spurs off!

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    If it's really bad you might want to separate her for a few days until the wounds close up a bit so the others don't peck her.

    You can also use neosporin to help keep the skin moist and germs out.

    Hope she heals well for yoU!
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    When my chicks got pecked on, I mixed 1 part betadine with 9 parts water to help keep bacteria out and then I used neosporin. Hope she gets better soon.
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    The neosporin will work, do not put peroxide on the would if it has been more than a day, you can do it in the beginning, but after that the peroxide will damage the new tissue that is healing. So if you use it, use it only once in the beginning of the healing process.
    Good luck and best wishes for hen.
  5. I have added pictures of what that stupid rooster did to my little salma! I also added a pic of my run it is plenty big I dont know why he done this to her!
  6. At first I thought maybe a racoon or possum had gotten her through the fence but their is no break in the wire nor is their evidence of an outside attack. I knew it had to be the roo he had bloddy spurs and feet! Should I go ahead and eat him?
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    Remember that the roo did not intentionaly set out to harm the hen, he is just doing the natural mating thing, so no, I wouldn't take his life for doing what comes naturally.

    I would blunt his spurs using either a dremel tool, file or dog nail clippers, that way you remove the hazzard and he can still do what roo's do. [​IMG]
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  8. Ok I was mad at the time so I did cut his spurs down they bled but i didnt really care since salma is looking like hamburger meat I think he will be able to hanlde a little bloody spur!
  9. It actually looks way worse than what the picture depicts. I can see where she has no skin looks life freddy krueger got a holt of her on her sides.
  10. I dont think she is going to survive?

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