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    I was moving a temporary coop that we have - its base is made of 4x4s - so it's heavy but not too heavy. Anyway, it was up on its side and I was putting it down, and one of our chickens ran under just as I was letting go to let it drop the rest of the way. I was able to keep it from landing on her, but it looked like it kind of sideswiped her leg. She started limping right away. I picked her up and it looked like the scales were scraped off a small part of her leg, showing smooth skin underneath. No blood or anything. I noticed later that she was saying in the coop and the next day she couldn't use her leg at all and it was very swollen. It seemed like she couldn't move it at all, when you poked the bottom of her foot she didn't move her toes. We have had her inside for a few days now, but the foot is still swollen, although she does seem to be able to use it more. My dad felt for a break and didn't think he felt one, but he wasn't positive up by her hip. We definitely can't afford to take her to a vet (our cat just broke his toe and that cost over $1000). Any suggestions would be great! She is eating and drinking just fine. I really don't think it is bumblefoot, which is all I'm finding info on.
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    Did you clean the wound and wrap it? It may not be bumble foot but the treatment of a warm bath in Epson Salts will do a lot to ameliorate the swelling and draw out any infection if there is one.

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