Hen is acting weird? Any ideas?

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    Today my hen, Flo, has been acting out of the ordinary. I threw in a handful of scratch grains and a bun today, and instead of running to get some, she didn't mewve. Bread is one of her favfurites. Instead, she stood there and drank from the water bowl. It is one of those bowls that you would give to a large dog and she drank 1/4 of it in 6 minutes! She is normally one of the first to get a bite of whatever I throw in the run. She has a big purrsonality and has nefur done this before. Does anyone know what might be wrong with her?

    Her vent is also red and swollen and dripping a clear fluid. We haven't gotten any eggs from her yesterday, so I think it could be a large egg that she is having trouble passing but I don't know.

    It turns out she had a broken egg stuck inside her with another egg behind it. I checked on her in the morning and there was a deformed, weird egg, eggshells, and clear mucus under where she roosted. She is back to her normal self. Thanks for replying!
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  2. She is possibly egg bound...?
    Could be a broken egg stuck inside her?
    I have never had this issue with my hens...I know others that give the hen a warm bath for 20 minutes and massage the area to try and pass the egg..Also liquid calcium in a syringe down her throat...

    Best I can do to help you..Look up Egg Binding...

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    Doesn't sound good..I'd isolate her in a wire crate and observe her intake and output.

    Warm bath and searching info on egg binding definitely a good idea.

    Liquid calcium 'syringe down her throat' can be risky.....
    ....make sure you look up how to syringe feed before attempting, it can be easy to aspirate and kill them.

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