Hen is biting my hand and stomping her feet


In the Brooder
Jun 23, 2020
My Rouen duck is biting my hand (not too hard) and stomping her foot while making some kind of squealing noise. I've no idea what she's doing but doesn't seem to actually want to hurt me. She's pretty tame and does not mind being picked up (if you can catch her lol).
Wanting treats? My scoves and pekins “nibble” (some harsher than others) on hands pants and feet when they want treats. And I’ve seen chickens, at least, do a “dance” when they are excited. Not sure on the squealing most of mine are scoves and they make different noises than most ducks.
If it’s when collecting eggs it could be she is going broody and is trying to protect her eggs. my barred girls will bite (not too painful) and hiss when I’m collecting or checking eggs when they’re broody.

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