Hen Is Broody, Not Laying Eggs


8 Years
Jun 1, 2011
I'm pretty new to the chicken game so any advice would be much appreciated! I have a one year old Silkie hen that has been broody for about 11 days now. I do not want chicks at this time so I'm trying to break her of it. I have been removing her eggs and then pulling her from her nest and putting her in the yard, but she just runs back to her nest after about 10 or 15 minutes. I have also tried dunking her belly in cold water a few times a day. No luck yet. The worst part is that now she isn't even laying eggs, I haven't gotten one for at least 6 days. I'm at work all day so I only have a few hours a day to work with her and I'm out of ideas. Should I just keep doing this and hope it stops soon?
We are in the same situation here in PA with our silkie girl! (And we don't even have a roo, LOL)! I'm worried about her, as it is very hot here in Pennsylvania, worried she's in the coop all day!
I'm very worried too, it hasn't been hot here in Oregon yet but it will be soon. Our little roo will sit in the nest with her at night, but they both used to roost next to each other on a perch. She didn't become broody until about 2 weeks after we got our rooster, so I'm not sure if that has anything to do with it. It's getting very aggravating!
I have a broody hen as well (Skittle). I have been working with her for three weeks now and nothing seems to break her of this broodiness! I even separated her out of the coop into her own hutch with a wire bottom in hopes that she would be forced out of it. She didn't care, she just crouched down in the corner and wont move. I put ice nder her to lay on and it doesn't phase her. I take her out once a day to get her to eat and drink otherwise she wont move. I would love some advice as well on how to get her back to normal and laying me some eggs!
Also- My other hen who lays everyday (Diddle) has not laid now for 2 days and I noticed yesterday and today 2 piles of thick mucus out in the dirt..... It was out in front of their coop.... Could this possibly be an egg with no shell? Looked clear but thick~eww! Her eggs were fine before but she roams around the yard all day and eats stuff and maybe she is not getting enough of the lay crumble..??? Any one know about this at all? Thanks for listening:)
If she is broody, she probably stopped laying. She wont start up again until you break her, and probably not for a few weeks after that. Sorry, but you are doing everything right. Some hens are just stubborn.
Thanks, I hope she will eventually get bored with it. I'm getting all stressed out over this and my poor little roo, Dexter, is lonely (she is his favorite, lol). I just want my sweet, lively little Henrietta back!

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