Hen is lethargic, comb turning purple, puffed up, runny yellow poo..

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    Take out the spaces ^^^

    She's a few years old, not elderly or anything, and she seems to be sliiiiightly heavier than her normal weight I suppose.

    She was fine yesterday as far as I know, but this morning most of her comb had turned purple and she was very lethargic, not moving very much or doing anything really.

    She's kept with another sister hen, but that's it and that hen is doing fine.

    There isn't any injuries at all.

    The past few days it's been really windy and kind of cold I suppose. Her coop is filled with hay and it's covered nicely like a little house.

    She's been cracking open her eggs and eating them sometimes if I take them out and leave them lying there for a second. But we feed her that chicken grain stuff and bread. She's been drinking only water. Today she was drinking still.

    Her poop is watery, runny and has a yellowish color.

    I put her in a box with some hay and kept her in my house where it was much warmer, thinking maybe she had frostbite of some sort. I've been giving her water with a little bit of apple cider vinegar mixed in, but that's it.

    I pretty much just need to know if I can treat her on my own or if she needs a vet. If she DOES need a vet, then I'd like to know how I can stabilize her.

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