Hen is pecking eggs

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    One of my hens is apparently pecking the egg after she lays it. I haven't seen her do it but every day or every other day I have an egg that looks like it's pipped on one side. I've recently aquired her and the other hen and rooster. Any suggestions as to why she is doing this and what I can do to fix it? Thanks
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    I would be afraid that the next step is egg eating. The steps to help alleviate that threat are:

    Moving the nesting box to a dark, secluded place. So much so that you could put some type of drape over the opening to make it that much darker.

    Collect the eggs as often as you can manage it.

    Provide plenty of feed, water and access to as much free space as possible.

    If she's kept in an enclosure, give the flock something to peck at... Like a head of lettuce, or making a 'rack' that you could put veggie scraps in. It'll help alleviate boredom, which causes lots of bad habits...

    Hope that helps. Good Luck.
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    You could also try putting either golf balls or wooden eggs in the nest boxes or at least the one nest she favors.
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    Yes, what the two above me said.

    If she continues to do it and or starts eating them, you'll probably have to cull.
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    Oh gosh I hope she doesn't start eating them. I was wondering if maybe she needs more calcium? The nest boxes are in a nice, quiet, dark place, and she has a nice big coop and a nice big run that is plently of space for the three. [​IMG]
    Thanks for the suggestions.
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    If the eggs are soft shelled, she will be more inclined to break them so extra calcium is probably a good idea.

    I have given rinsed tuna fish when a hen started eating the eggs. I thought that added protein would help.

    Then do all of the above and make sure the nest boxes are nice and clean . . . in other words, be on that hen like a bird dog on a quail.

    You can get them to stop - I did.

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