Hen is sick, don't know the cause

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    Jun 8, 2017
    One of my hens has been acting off for a day or two, but I can't figure out what's wrong.
    Her symptoms are:
    • lethargic (unless I try to catch her)
    • wet, off-color excrement
    • pale face, comb, and wattles
    • loss of appetite; oddly enough her crop seems full but I haven't seen her really eating anything
    • general signs of discomfort
    At first I thought she might be egg-bound, but she hasn't exhibited any major symptoms of that, no squatting, trying to get to the nest, or any sign of straining.
    Other clues:
    • The weather has been really rainy and wet for the past few days
    • My mom can't really remember the last time we wormed the flock
    It might be worms, but none of the other girls are exhibiting any signs of distress.
    Any thoughts? Anything would be helpful!
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    I have a very similar situation going on right now, so I'm going to tag along with you, if you don't mind. There are so many possibilities. Narrowing down the exact one is difficult!

    Here is a symptom checker that I found, with a little more details on some things. http://www.poultrydvm.com/symptoms

    How old is your girl, and what breed?
  3. Small_Feather_Dragons

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    Jun 8, 2017
    Thanks for that! You're right, it is hard to narrow it down. I've been watching her off and on all day, but it's hard to get too close because she's skittish. Another odd thing is that she hasn't been keeping up with the rest of the flock. She tends to be kind of on her own, which isn't usual

    She's about two years old, and as for breed, I'm not sure. I think she's a bit mixed. She's black with white flecks on her neck only.
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