Hen is sick- looks like she may be dying.

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    Sep 2, 2016
    I collected a hen from the barn today and put her in quarantine. She will not move, didn't squawk, run or do anything when I came I her, picked her up or when I put her back down. Not even when the dogs went to check her out. Her neck keeps dropping to the side and her eyelids shut.

    We recently had a ram die on Friday. We think from feed from a local grainary because the feed had unusually more oats in it than usual because he usually ate it all the time. He stayed with the chickens in the pasture separate from the ewes. This hen that I quarantined is from a different flock on that staying in the barn till we finish their pasture. Now I'm thinking it may be a possibility there is something else in the feed making one of our chickens sick. But she is the only one to get sick after eating the new batch since late Friday. So I don't know.

    Any input or thoughts?
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    How old is she?

    It's possible it could be the feed if you think that's was the cause of death of your ram. Are you having a necropsy performed?

    If you think she may have eaten bad feed, then you can try one of the toxin flushes in the links below.

    Check her over well for any wounds, crop impaction and feel her abdomen-if it's hard, soft, fluid filled etc.


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