Hen isn´t laying?


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6 Years
Apr 7, 2013
Hello everyone. My Gold Sex-link, Goldilocks, hasn't laid an egg in about 2-3 weeks. Now, she's not egg bound, that was the first thing I checked for. Not broody, though two of my other hens went broody and hatched a couple of new adorable little babies, which is exciting, but around the time that the babies hatched, Goldi stopped laying. Could it be stress because of the new birds? or is there something wrong with her? All of my chickens, other than the newly hatched chicks, are only about a year old, so they're not too old to lay, and our Red Sex-Link is laying just fine, so, what could be the problem? Any help would be fantastic.
While there is a chance that she's reacting to all the new babies and broodies happening right now, I suspect that she might be going into molt. Does she eat and drink good?

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