Hen Just Not Acting Right - Sour Crop?

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    May 30, 2016
    It's sad to think that this will be my first post, but I'm in dire need of some help. I am a first-time chicken owner and my hens have been the picture of health since I got them as chicks about eight month ago.this morning however,one of my birds acting unusually. Yesterday I noticed her painting a little and acting a bit slow. She's usually a very bright little thing, buy I was thinking that perhaps she was just hot as the weather hs been pretty warm.This morning, however, didn't see her in any better condition. She was acting lethargic and quiet when I went out to feed them, was particularly thirsty, but after drinking some of the water poured right back out of her beak. I decided to take her inside where it's cooler and felt her crop, which was soft but didn't feel empty even though she hadn't yet eaten. She also continued panting, even in the coolness of the pantry. Everything I researched pointed to her possibly having sour crop, but she hasn't seemed impacted (she's a pet, and likes being patted all over, so I'm sure I would have noticed). She's been drinking readily and ate an egg I scrambled for her, but she's still just not acting herself. She was a touch perkier after eating, though. her stool has also been quite runny.

    I know chickens pant before laying an egg from time to time, but she's been like this all morning. I've checked for bound egg, too, but don't feel any egg in her. I've been massaging her crop every so often. I could be feeling in all the wrong places, or suspecting all the wrong things, but something definitely isn't right with my girl.
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    Hard to say. I just dealt with impacted crop, which lead to sour crop. If she has sour crop, her crop will literally feel like a water balloon and you'll smell a sour smell from her face (or breath). I know when it's hot out they'll drink a lot more water, resulting in runny poo - that's normal. Its often a game of guessing and researching for sure.
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    Jun 22, 2013
    One of my hens died of sour crop a couple days ago. I agree 100% with what ehunter said-if it is truly sour crop, you will be able to see it. Pick her up and check her crop. If It is swelled up like a big bubble, then it is most likely sour crop. In that case, you want to isolate her, and feed her a special diet. Also keep massaging her crop.
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