Hen laid 2 eggs from perch last night?

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  1. Th0r

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    Jun 24, 2014
    Ok Here Is Some background
    "Maple Leaf" our Dorking Hen is about 2 years old. (she is our only hen currently laying)
    She was a good layer - about 5 eggs a week, always in the nest box. (she did sleep in the nest box some nights)
    She went broody - we bought some chicks and she adopted them, the chicks are about 10 weeks now.
    She started laying again about 2 weeks ago.
    She now ALWAYS sleeps on the perch.
    She has laid 5 eggs from from the perch during the night (including the two last night) and about the same number in random places including the nest box.
    She has golf balls in the nest boxes

    Yesterday 3 of her adopted cockerels were given away (stress?)

    So this morning I open the coop and there are 2 eggs under her perch. One normal shell and one soft shell.
    No egg yesterday but the day before yesterday she seemed back on track laying in the middle of the day in the nest box.

    Now 2 eggs in the middle of the night, one of them soft shelled.
    They have oyster shell free choice, she does eat the chicks grower finisher feed, and she also eats her layer feed.
    They usually roam the yard for several hours a day.
    She did get WAY too much scratch yesterday, our 4 yr old decided to give them "Dinner"[​IMG]

    Any suggestions on how to get her back on track?

    Here are the two eggs.



  2. TeamBigfoot

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    Feb 23, 2014
    No suggestions on how to get her back on track, other than getting your routine with them back on track. But a soft-shelled egg now and then isn't anything specific to worry about. We had a hen give us two in a row (one each on two consecutive nights), and both were from her night perch. She then went back to her regular egg production.

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