Hen laid soft egg now acts like she wants to lay again?


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My polish hen has laid 4 out of 5 days now but today she laid a soft egg and now she is acting like she has to lay another egg. Is it possible for the shell to be stuck or something? We are gonna give her a bath because she has some yolk on her butt. She wanders out of the yard when she wants to lay so I have to lock her up until she lays, but now she is wandering again. Does anyone have any suggestions or ideas as to what could be wrong? She eats layer feed, has oyster shells if she wants them but free ranges a lot and rooster gets mad if she is not around.


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Soft eggs happen occasionally, nothing to worry about, and yes rarely hens can lay twice in a day. I doubt there's an egg shell stuck. There is a problem called internal laying, but if you've gotten 4 eggs + 1 soft egg in the last 5 days it's unlikely. If you really think somethings wrong then answer the questions, in the sticky, at the top of the emergency forum and post there, so we can help.

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I have twice found shell-less eggs in the coop, and each time, there were 2 in the same place, just below the roost. I can't say they were dropped by the same pullet in the same night, but that is what I suspect. Its as if part of her egg-laying system was working, but the shell-making part was not ready yet.

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