Hen laid two eggs in one day!!!!

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    I wouldn't be concerned except whoever did it also did it about 3 or 4 weeks ago. I am sure it is one of the RSL's but I have no way of knowing which one. Neither egg is perfect. One was hard but discolored with a funny circle on on side and the other was also discolored and a very thin shell. It was exactly the same way the first time it happened. I read on these forums it is from them eating too much. None of my chickens are fat. I don't know whether to be worried or not. My biggest fear is egg binding. Any suggestions?
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    What you have described is the classic case of a hen releasing a second yolk before she should. For some reason a hen releases a second yolk sometime after the first egg has started its internal journey. Since most of the time the egg goes through the hen’s internal egg factory is spent in the shell gland, the two eggs meet there. The first egg uses most of the shell material the hen made for that day so the second egg is thin-shelled. But with the second egg in the shell gland with it, the first egg has that oval scar on it.

    There are two different kinds of red sex links. One is a cross between two regular breeds of chickens, say a Rhode Island Red or New Hampshire rooster over a White Rock, Silver Laced Wyandotte, or maybe Delaware hen. These hens tend to be just like their parents with bigger bodies. They tend to lay pretty well because their parents are from flocks that lay well.

    What I suspect you have is the RSL’s made from the commercial egg laying hybrids. These hens tend to be small a lot like leghorns so they are more efficient on converting feed to eggs. With those small bodies they don’t need to use much feed to maintain a bigger body like the regular-sized hens do. These are also bred to be egg laying machines. You get plenty of nice large eggs.

    The smaller RSL’s are not going to show fat like the larger birds. They are just not bred to put on weight, the feed goes to the eggs. Also, since they are bred to be egg laying machines, there internal egg laying factory is really tuned to lay eggs. These tend to have more medical problems related to egg laying than other chickens.

    Some hens just have a genetic tendency to release extra egg yolks. I had a Buff Orpington that would lay a double yolked egg about once a week. Instead of releasing her eggs spread out like yours, she released two yolks at the same time. Since she was the only one doing that and they were all eating the same, I considered that a defect in her. If one hen is doing that, it is a hen problem. If most of your hens are doing that, it is a flock problem. Sounds like you have a hen problem.

    Eating too high a protein diet can be a contributing factor to a hen releasing an extra yolk, though some may do it anyway. What are you feeding them? The commercial egg laying operations that deal with those egg laying hybrids feed between 15% and 16% protein feed. They have found that to be the best balance to getting Grade A sized eggs and keeping health problems down, like to the eggs getting too large. The more protein they eat, the larger the eggs. Higher protein feeds are more expensive too.

    If you are feeding a high protein diet, you might try cutting back some on that. Your egg size will probably drop a bit, but with the commercial type of egg laying hybrids, you should still get a decent sized egg. Other than that, I really don’t have any suggestions for you. Good luck!

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