Hen laid weird mass. I dissected it. *gross photos*

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    Mar 1, 2011
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    M y golden comet "Trouble" has been laying thin shells since about July. She laid fine until then, but since July her eggs are almost always broken when I collect eggs. None of my other hens lay eggs like this, and have always had oyster shell available- so I know it's just her egg mechanism. She hasn't been laying for a while, taking a seasonal break. This morning I saw her in a nest box. Went out a bit later and this was in the nest box. [​IMG]

    It was firm. When gently squeezed, I could feel thin shell crackling inside. it didn't feel hollow, but I didn't want to squeeze too hard in case it squirted stuff at me. I cut both sides open, big mistake. The larger part had green liquidy stuff and smelled like what I assume is rotten egg. Never smelled that before, but yuck. Here are photos of what it looked like inside.



    She doesn't seem ill or anything, but I wish I had refrigerated it and sent it to Cornell. :D. I will if she does it again. Maybe I'll email these photos to Cornell and see if they have any info. I've checked other threads about this, and there doesn't seem to be much helpful information. Makes me wish I had a lab so I could solve the mystery.

    Any ideas on what this could be?
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    How weird! I'm going to follow your thread to see if you come up with an answer!
  3. Eggcessive

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    She is probably an internal layer. That is some type of egg and internal organ mass. She will probably have more of those. I'm not an epert on this, but internal laying and egg yolk peritonitis are prety common. She may have gotten it from her thin-shelled eggs. She may not be able to properly absorb the calcium you are putting out. Try giving her some crushed egg shells as a snack--she may eat those better.
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    Maybe a lash / lash egg? They seem to think it is part of the lining of the hens reproductive system, often seems to happen with hens that are internal laying also. Old BYC thread on them and some links with other pics.
    https://www.backyardchickens.com/t/379202/my-chicken-has-passes-a-large-lump-graphic-pics/30 Here is another BYC thread, post #10 and also post # 37 has pictures of what a member has pulled out of hens that were internal layers, check out the layering... Hopefully your hen will be OK since she passed it on her own.
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    Yes, it looks to be a lash egg. It is a sign of egg yolk peritonitis.
  6. off-grid hen

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    This is all very interesting. I was wary of buying sex links because I have heard they have so many laying problems. I got two, just to see how it would go. I won't get them again, but I love this hen's disposition. If she appears to be suffering, I will end her suffering. For now she is fine, I'll be keeping a closer eye on her. I've been watching her closely because of the thin-shelled eggs anyway. Thanks, everyone!
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    This made me LOL...I squeezed a cracked and what I thought was frozen egg this morning.....it wasn't frozen.

    Sorry about your hen....it does sound like she has a permanent problem, but thank you for documenting it.... it will help others learn.
  8. off-grid hen

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    Haha, oops!

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