Hen laying on coop floor clicking beak, eyes closed, neck back

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    Feb 18, 2015
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    I have attached a link to a private video of my hen laying on the floor of the coop. She placed herself there between those posts to the nests after I had scooped her up and put her in a nest to relax and check her out. Nothing looks broken, no injuries from what I can see. She does prefer to have her neck really far back. She reacts to me, opens her eyes when I say her name. She was perfectly fine last night when she put herself to bed and slept up on the roosts IIRC when I locked them in.


    Thank you for your input in advance.
  2. TabITSWD

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    Nov 9, 2015
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    I'm sorry about your girl, it would alarm me to see one of my hens that way, too. :(

    I have never had anything that looked like that but it immediately conjures up possible exposure to a toxin of some type? I guess that comes to mind because it looks to me like a nervous system problem. I know there are viruses that cause nervous symptoms like Newcastle, epidemic tremor, and Marek's but a chicken has to be exposed in order to contract any of those.

    Did she have access to any natural source of botulin toxin or any type of unusual mold or chemical? Are any of her flock mates displaying anything similar or even more lethargic?

    Has she moved to eat or drink or poo? And how are her droppings?

    I would isolate her if possible and make sure she is warm and has water and food for right now and hopefully someone will see this who has some experience with something similar.
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    How old is your hen? She is showing signs of wry neck or torticolis, a neurological symptom of many things, such as a head injury, a vitamin deficiency, Marek disease, and from other conditions. A

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