Hen laying smaller eggs...why?

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Sep 18, 2007
I have a hen that is 16 months old that has started to lay medium sized eggs. She was laying large eggs. Is this a sign that she will quite laying or that something is wrong? I've had to cull 3 of the hens from that group this year and before I process chicks in a few weeks I'm wondering if I need to plan on replacing her too.
Are you supplementing light? Is she getting adequate food? If you are feeding her plenty and she doesn't seem to be absorbing it, it could be worms or some other internal parasite.
I keep layer in their feeder at all times. They get vitamins and probios (probiotic) in their water a couple times a week. They get ACV in their water the other changes (a couple times a week). They also have free choice oyster shell.

She is looking good. Her color is good and she is out getting their scratch and greens at feeding time. They are in a run so she couldn't have gotten into anything I wouldn't know about. She spends her days outside with the rest of the hens.

No one else is laying smaller eggs. She started this about a week ago. Lays most days. It's like she decided if Muffy (a new laying pullet) could lay those smaller eggs then she could too.
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Gosh, I guess I would never worry that much about the egg size, but that's me.

One needs to keep in mind, that the nutrition in a small egg, is the the same for a jumbo, so use a few more eh?

Seems like the size will suffer some near the molt.

Chickens are living beings and by keeping my flock to their older years will amaze you how well they adjust to daily living.

If I was to list the most important issues for a chickens health....to provide eggs and keep a healthy flock, it would be to make sure they have fresh, clean water on a daily basis....water, cleaning waterers on a daily basis is a hastle but worth the effort in my opinion.

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Their water is kept fresh and the waterers cleaned out.

If it is due to molt that would be great. I have penned my roo separate trying to let the girls grow their feathers back due to rooster rash. With winter coming I wanted them to have a chance to cover their bare lower backs!

I just noticed-today is my 1 year anniversary on BYChickens!!!!!!!!
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One of my hens did this several weeks ago. I never figured out what caused it, but the eggs have gradually gotten bigger. They're still smaller than the others, but they're almost back to normal now.

Have you cracked any of yours open? Ours had normal sized yolks and almost no white.
Well, she and the others did start laying at 15 weeks but, they have all been laying large and extra large eggs since their pullet egg stage.

schmije-I'm glad to hear there is a chance she may go back to laying more her normal size eggs. I don't mind the smaller ones, it's just that it isn't normal for her so I'm concerned.

Henmamma-Thank you

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