Hen Laying Softshells All The Time And Not Her Sisters...

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    I do have a quick question. I do know its normal for some eggs to be just thin veil of shell and mostly yolks but our smaller golden hen Serena seems to be producing only those kinds. Its not like once in a while its anytime she actually does give us an egg. I dont know if its something to be concerned about. I know they all get adequate oyster shell in their diets because her sisters always give good eggs. Even one gives out good hard shell eggs...her golden BO sister Artemis. I dont know if its part of who Serena is meaning her breed but what can we feed her so they come out at least more harder shelled. Even the other hens end up eating her little soft shell eggs.

    Should we be concerned or just wait it out and see if she does give us good eggs down the line? Thanks for viewing and answering my little question. Just a worrier over my little flock of four =).

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    It might be a problem with the chicken. We've got one who keeps giving soft shelled eggs too, but the others don't have any issues. They all get oyster shell too.

    I do find that with less chickens, you worry about them more. We only had four too, and did our best to make sure all of them were healthy. :p
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    Even so I am not quite bothered by it much. I mean I know they all eat the same food, take in the same amount of oyster shell so your right. It could be her issues and no one elses. I get that its common for some eggs to come out some of the time like that. With her its all of the time she does give out eggs. I love our little flock so as long as she does eat... well they all love to eat hehe I guess its not too bad. I dont know if she does need to see someone about it though. As far as I am concerned she is healthy to me. At least she doesnt yell at me at times like her sister Artemis does XD.
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