Hen Laying Two Eggs A Day, Some Shell Less....

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    I have a 2 year old Black Australorp that has been laying shell less eggs for several months now. She used to lay them only once a week, and sometimes she only laid a yolk. I talked to my vet a while back and he gave me some liquid calcium along with other minerals to help aid in "putting on the shell". (eating more oyster shell is not the answer for her troubles. She either can not absorb the proper nutrients, needs more of them, has some internal issue/virus, or this is genetic in origin).

    After about a month or so of being on the calcium mineral supplement, her eggs were starting to improve and she was able to at least put a thin shell on the egg. However over the past 2 days, she has begun laying two eggs a day, and now she is working on her 3rd day. Usually one of them each day has a shell on it and the other is shell less, just a membrane on the yolk. She had laid a big shelled egg late yesterday and this morning I found a membrane hanging out her rear end which had blocked her from passing fecal matter. She still had a crop full of food because of it. This is the end of day 2.

    After taking a few hours off, and emptying her crop, she was back in the nest box today, several times, trying to pass another egg.

    I have not talked to the vet yet, but I was wondering if any of you have had experience with a hen in this condition and what was the outcome.

    Is too much protein making her release more eggs? Or does she need more protein because she is laying so many eggs? Is this a prelude to something? What is going to become of this bird if this continues?
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    I have not heard of this before. I would think she needs higher protein feed. I would think the second egg that has no shell is not surprising, her body can't keep up. Do you have a light on a fixed timer. No more than 14 or 15 hrs a day. Something doesn't sound right with her reproductive system, maybe a birth defect considering she didn't lay well to start.

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