Hen lays disgusting tasting/smelling eggs for months, but she seems healthy. What's up?

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    Apr 2, 2014
    I have a 1 year old hen (Production or Rhode Island Red) who is the most consistent egg layer I've ever seen, and has laid straight through winter. She's the middle bird size wise, and the hen in charge of my flock of 3. She's healthy and has no obvious signs of disease of parasites. Plenty of energy, eats and drinks fine. The problem is her eggs are horrible tasting. They look fine on the outside but once you crack them open they smell like fishy rotten egg poopy smell and are inedible. They've been like this since Autumn and I'm totally stumped on whats going on with her. When she first started laying they tasted great but then got to be inedible. I save her eggs for a while then use the shells to give back to the birds and scramble them for a treat. I've changed the feed thinking that was it; I've free ranged and then locked them solely in the run/coop because someone suggested maybe she was eating some nasty plant that flavored her eggs but that didn't help either. Nothing changes how they taste. She looks fine on the outside health wise so my only theory left is some sort of bacterial infection or parasite of some sort. I have some meds on hand I could give her but I don't want to just give her blanket antibiotics without any real knowledge of whats going on with her. Has anyone experienced this or know what it could be? How did you fix it? I hate wasting her eggs like this.
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    Apr 16, 2013
    Maybe its an infection of some sort, considering nothing else has worked maybe trying antibiotic wouldnt hurt?

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