Hen lethargic, watery green poo, swollen abdomen?

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    I know her chances of survival are slim (and I've told the kids this) but I've pulled her into the garage into a cage with warmth, water, food w/plain yogurt added, and a bit of suet. She is eating and drinking (a little eating, lots of drinking), but lethargic. I have not seen her lie down since bringing her in a couple of hours ago - she just stands around.

    Her lower abdomen feels swollen to me. She has not laid an egg in over 10 days. She stopped doing the 'good girl' squat for me, and going into the nest, at about that same time. She does not strain or show any indication she wants to lay an egg. She does not seem to want to move around much, walking slowly and deliberately (though I have seen her scratch and peck a little.) When she was out in the yard, she pecked at grass normally but I'm not sure she ate it.

    Her poo is watery kelly green but not frothy.

    Other than yogurt, organic apple vinegar cider, and warmth...is there anything else I can do for her, and how many days should I expect before she will be well or will die? She's already been off-color for as long as a week (that I've noticed).
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    It sounds like you're doing what you can. Short of starting her on medication, but I wouldn't have any idea where to start. Maybe someone else will chime in.

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