Hen limping for 3 weeks...no new signs = Marek's ruled out?

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    Hi folks,

    We took in a stray hen in bad shape. Nursed her and her buddy to good health, then three weeks ago this one hen developed a serious limp - what I'm describing as flaccid paralysis of her foot/leg.

    So, three weeks have passed and she's eating well, looking bright, but still limping. I'd say the limp has improved but I still don't ever see her flex the toes of that foot.

    At this point, given that there's no no signs/symptoms developing, would you say that it's likely NOT Marek's? I had also suspected Botulism but it may have been an injury.

    These two hens have been in quarantine for about 6 weeks now, and if we can reasonably integrate them into our existing flock, we'd like to move forward with that. (Our biosecurity has not been great, as it's a small urban yard).

    Thanks for any advice!

    - Kerri in Oakland, CA
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    If it was Mareks she would likely be dead by now. I've always heard, once it starts, it kills quickly. I would try some vitamin therapy in their water. I have a limpy hen, shes been that way a year now, but her toes work fine. So, not sure what it could be with yours, but it sounds neurological if the toes won't flex.
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