Hen limping-Might have broken a blood feather on her foot, Help!

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    Aug 19, 2008
    OK so this morning before school, I let the chickens out as usual. They were all acting fine the last time I checked.
    But then I came home and noticed that something wasn't right. [​IMG] Ivory, the rooster, was acting normal, and so were his three young pullets. But I noticed that Pumpkin, a 1 1/2+ year old Buff Cochin Bantam hen, was limping on one of her legs! I thought that maybe she had gotten caught in a piece of string or something, but when I picked her up and looked at her leg, nothing was there. When I gently touched it a little, she would immediately pull away, which means for some reason it definitely is causing her pain. [​IMG]
    But I don't know what could be causing it exactly. I gently looked over both legs, especially the one (right one) she's limping on, and the only thing that I could find that could be causing it is that one of her blood feathers on her feet (since she has feathered feet) is broken and bleeding. Right now, it's not bleeding a lot but it looks like it was recently, and has now stopped a little. I mean her whole foot isn't bloody, but just a large blood feather looks like it broke in half. And so that's all that I could find that could be causing her to limp.
    When she walks, you can definitely notice her limping. She can stand, but she's very sensitive about that foot that has the broken blood feather. And she won't run at all, or jump. And when I picked her up and let her sit on my hand, she immediately sat down on my hand and snuggled up, like she was perching on her roost, while gently lifting the hurt foot off my hand a little. Normally, she would jump down and go back to foraging with her flock.

    Overall, she's acting normal; her eyes are bright, she can eat and drink perfectly fine, and she can get around by herself (but more slowly and clumsily because she's limping). She has no other signs of injury. I have no idea how it happened. [​IMG] She molted a few weeks ago and is just now almost done growing back most of her new feathers, and she forages all day with her flock without any problems. None of her flock members peck her or anything. In fact, she's one of the highest ones in the pecking order. [​IMG] And no one has been pecking at her broken blood feather, thankfully.

    So what should I do?? I'm going to make sure she gets to sit on her perch to roost tonight, because I doubt she can jump up there right now. And right now it rained recently, so it's kinda wet and gross out, so should I do anything to keep the broken feather clean or should it be fine for now? If not, how should I clean it?

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    Aug 19, 2008
    Anyone?? [​IMG]
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    Oh i dont know. Do feathers have nerve endings in them? Might that be the cause? Any bruising? How will she get down from her roost? Might it be broken? Sorry i guess were playing 100 questions or somthing...
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    Aug 19, 2008
    UPDATE: Thanks for the response(s), Pumpkin seems fine now...By the next morning she wasn't limping anymore and is back to normal. She can jump up to/down from her roost all by herself, too. [​IMG]

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