Hen Loosing Feathers

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  1. Kiss my Chicken

    Kiss my Chicken Out Of The Brooder

    Sep 13, 2012
    Our Ameraucana, 1 yr in May, I believe is plucking out her feathers where her wing meets her neck, on both sides. I don't see any mites or parasites but I am not sure what they look like. She was fighting with the rooster the day before. She is the head chicken in the flock. We have another Americauana, 2 Wyandotte, Barred Plymouth Rock, Silkie and a Silkie Rooster.

    No one else has this problem and it just started yesterday. I would estimate she has lost at least 200 feathers. We kept her in the bathroom last night because I noticed another chicken pecking at her tail. Here are some pictures to help. It will cost $60 to have the vet just see the chicken. Please help.


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