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    Guys my asil hen after hatching her chicks has gone moody like she will eat little and is very picky yesterday I noticed a lot of feathers in her nest I thing she is moulting so my q is that is it normal behaviour during moulting because I am getting very worried for her coz she is loosing weight and eating very little when hand fed she likes to eat cooked beef and chicken and some green too like spinach and corriander other then that she would not eat anything she drinks well though she is a very good mother she feed her chicks and is very protective but I am worried about her weight lost after hatching I did notice some worms in her poop so the vet prescribed wazine for which I have given her plz help I have heard that during moulting chicken goes moody and will eat only protein rich food .
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    You are dealing with living animals. They don’t all act the same. Some may go moody when they are molting, but a lot don’t. They will eat what they can find whether it is protein rich or not.

    Having worms will cause a hen to lose weight and can cause her to feel weak and bad. I suspect that is what is causing her mood problems much more than molting. You are handling the worm problem, which is the way to solve the problem. She’ll be OK.

    When they molt they lose feathers. That can cause them to look like they are losing weight even when they are not. But since she has worms, she probably has lost weight. You are correcting that problem and when she finishes the molt she should look great. But even when she gains her weight back, she may look like she has lost weight until she finishes the molt.

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