Hen losing feathers again? (Breeding season)

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    Oct 10, 2012
    Its been a month into breeding season, and I have this one hen who's feather's look like she's going through molt again, her head is missing one or two small feathers and even her one of her wing's flight feathers are shorter (the top end seemed to be snapped off).

    I saw the male try to mount her, but as soon as he grabbed her, the feather plucked so easily out and he fell backwards but then proceeded to another female. Is this normal for her to lose it this easily? None of my other hens are experiencing this as all their feathers are still there (I have another 3 hens). I thought hen's would only lose all their head feathers if their's not enough females for the male..

    She's almost a year old, laying eggs normally, eating enough and seems healthy. She's fed 22% gamebird finisher, and other various treats. (birdseed with grit, clovers, grass, boiled egg, egg shell, apples, etc.)
    Is there anything I should feed her to support feather growth? (more protein?) Also, what could have caused it? I don't think its pecking order because everyone seem's alright with her, I don't know why her flight feather's are snapped in half either because I don't clip wings.</p>

    (Sorry, the photos didn't turn out as expected.)

    Her feathers seem ruffled and unkempt like she's going through molt.
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