Hen losing feathers all over. AHH!

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    Jan 24, 2013
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    Yikes! One of my dominiques is losing feathers all over. I did didn't realize how bad it was until 10 minutes ago. She has lost a bunch of vent feathers and feathers all over her back(not rooster treading) She is eating healthy and behaving normally. We picked her up to apply some permethrin to the areas, but dang. Just holding her a bunch of feathers fell out in my hands! I just sprayed down the coop interior with liquid permethrin....should I isolate her for a few days and keep her dosed up with it? I didn't really see any sure signs of mites, and it has been very cold here so I figured mites wouldn't be surviving(Central NC). She was very panicky from the cold fluid on her behind so we didn't look really hard. I can tonight though while they are sleeping. She isn't molting, she's not even a year old yet.
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    Aug 4, 2013
    They do get juvenile molts and it is the correct time of year for it. I would check her bottom for any signs of feather picking (bloody spots) or mites/lice. If none of those are found then it is a molt. Give her extra protein to help her regrow better.

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