Hen Losing Weight?

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  1. nicandtroyintown

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    Jan 5, 2009
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    Hello Chicken Pals,

    We have a 1 yr. old Barred Rock hen who is mostly blind. She does not seem to let this affect her- she cruises around OK and manages to find her food regularly. In fact, she is one of the larger hens we have.

    Trouble is, she seems like she is much lighter when we pick her up. She doesn't seem skinnier, but how is one to tell under all of those feathers?

    Has anyone ever heard of this or have any suggestions on what may be happening? I have also noticed that her comb is not as large or red anymore.


    Paranoid Chicken Mama
  2. twistedpickle

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    Jun 16, 2009
    She is probley not getting everything she needs , due to lack of ability to find food 100% of the time,or the stress of it through no fault of your own. Imagine if you only found food 2 of the 3 times you were looking for it, you would lose weight as well. I suggest adding some vitamin water to her diet and see if it helps.
    hang a basket from a fish scale or something like it and add her to it for a base weight. check her in a week or so. good luck

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