Hen May be injured and not laying


7 Years
Oct 14, 2012
I'm hoping someone can help. I have a less than a year old red sexlink hen who hasn't laid in about a week. A week ago we notices she didn't go up to roost at night with the others. We had to lift her up at night. After the second night we noticed she was walking funny (kinda wobbly) and low to the ground. We thought she might have a broken wing or be egg bound or something. we checked her vent and couldn't feel much of anything. no blockage there. we separated her from the 17 others cause they started to pick on her. Her appetite is low but she is eating and drinking. Her legs seem normal and don't look broken or anything. she is not (or doesn't seem to be) wheezing or anything like that. We did have a broody hen (may be her not sure). Is the non laying normal if they are injured or sick? Should I keep her separated even if they stop picking on her. Thanks in advance.

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