Hen mourning her friend & refusing to eat. Any meds that will help?

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  1. Donna Dolittle

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    Jul 4, 2017
    Hi, my favourite madcap hen Pammie died last week (she had salpingitis which was treated but recurred) her best mate Joanna has lost the will to live since she died and hasn't eaten or drank really for 6 days, I've tried every favoutite food possible including nutribullet smoothies with mealworms. She picks at around 1/4 of a corn cob a day. No water, nothing. She's had a vitamin jab at the vets then an antibiotic jab but she won't join in doing hen things with the other 2 ( they're not picking on her, just don't really involve her).

    Is there anything I can ask my vet for to boost her appetite/mood/will to live? Dexamethasone/prednisolone maybe?

    I think she could well die of a broken heart if she doesn't pick up soon... I've got Ignatia homeopathic pills (which are hen friendly and a treatment for grief) but I can't even get to eat normal food nevermind spiked food.
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    I am so sorry you are having to go through this right now, but you need to act fast if you want to save her.
    Would you be willing to tube feed her?

    I'm surprised she is still alive if she's not been eating and drinking for 6 days already.
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    Are the other hens shunning or bullying her? Maybe try her in a crate near and in sight of the others, but with her own food and water. Try a small bowl of feed mixed with a lot of water, try some chopped egg, tuna, or whatever she will eat. Fluids are most important, and watermelon is usually eagerly taken. As Kikisgirls said, tube feeding is an option to save her if needed. Could she also be suffering from a similar problem as the other hen?
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    Hi @Donna Dolittle Welcome To BYC

    I'm sorry to hear about your hen.

    I agree with the others, tubing feeding would be a good idea.

    Since you have vet care, you may want to have them run some testing for bacterial infection. As you probably know Salpingitis is an inflammation of the oviduct. It can be caused by bacterial infection and disease. It's possible that she may be suffering from infection.
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