Hen moving her neck in a strange way

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    Well, I need help again. This time I've got a 6-year-old hen that has lost some weight. She is drinking, but I'm not sure she has eaten anything today. Her crop is pretty full, but it feels like just liquid. But there is no smell. She keeps stretching her neck up and then doing a funny little side-to-side motion as she brings it back down. Does anyone have any idea what that might be?? She is pooping, so I don't think she has an impacted crop. I can't feel anything hard or grainy in her crop.

    I'll appreciate any insight anyone can give me.

    Hope y'all have a GREAT EVENING!!!
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    hi Marianne > I answered your PM
    crop stasis often is secondary to another condition > cant offer you any insight on that as there isnt enough info.
    The neck motion could indicate ear canal problems (mites or infection)
    Peter Brown has a good ear antibiotic cream which may be helpful (FirstState Vet Supply) but if ear mites you need to address that with ivermectin/ivomec Eprinex.

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