Hen needs Help I don't want to lose her!

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    Hi and Help! Please
    I am new to chickens until Oct.21 when I recieved 27 ISA Brown pullets. They are exactly 14 weeks old today. I have had them on chick starter then laying chop along with grit and oster shells. I give them some bread and some scratch outside in there pen on warm days 20f or above. I use straw and some hay for bedding. I started getting eggs last Wednesday, one per day. Then I noticed a hen wasn't comming for bread and I could tell she was not feeling well. When I picked her up I felt her crop
    and she kind of drooled a little. I did not smell bad, I tipped her upside down a second and it ran out. It smelled like grain. She had yellow liquid poo with a strike of green in it. I then found an egg soft shell on the floor of the coop. I am not sure if it's hers. I brought her in the garage right away where it's warm. I have not seen her eat or drink yesterday or today. I bought some terrmyicin but she won't drink. I felt her crop and it's about the 1/2 size golf ball. Her poo today was like white putty bullet size. I am wondering if she have something stuck in her crop? If I should use veg. oil and baking soda soulition and try to get it out? I am so scared of killing her. I know I can get the oil down, but when I am making it come back up will she drown? Please someone tell me something, no vet for 300mi on chickens!
  2. I think your best bet is a little olive oil/veg oil offered with an eye dropper. I wouldn't add anything else. It won't hurt her and if she has a crop problem it may lubricate it enough to work it down. You've separated her and remember that she won't be moving as much so may feel chilled. You can cover her cage with a blanket or towel to keep her draft free. Don't invert her any more, it makes it difficult for her to breathe.

    Another thing she may eat as she gets better is yogurt or some boil/scrambled egg. Stroking her *very* gently may help too, in the direction of feather growth. Don't poke or prod. Since you are in a position to examine her more thoroughly, also examine her vent area gently for swelling or protrusion.
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    Sounds possibly like sour crop. Bread is terrible for them - and I know they love it. She could have a fungal overgrowth so cider vinegar (1 tbsp)/gallon water for her to drink and plain yogurt are supposed to help. Does her crop feel 'squishy'?

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