Hen Not Eating/Drinking. Very Worried. Need suggestions!

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  1. Hello All!

    I am very worried about my Blue Red or Red Laced Blue Wyandotte. Her name is Emma. I got her from Cheryl Cohen last November.
    I don't know her age, but she was laying.

    A few days ago, I noticed that she wasn't running for treats like everyone else. So I kept my eye on her and realized she didn't seem to be eating or drinking much at all. She'd pick up treats making the 'look, I found food' chirping. Then she dropped it. And that was that. She used to have no problem eating, feed and treats. She'd stand up for herself too. Also her poop is watery and bright green.

    I'd bring her in for dedicated one on one time, make her scrambled egg, yogurt, mealworms, tried to give her poly-vi-sol (no iron) vitamins, cutup tomatoes, applesauce...all with no luck. Emma looks at it, might pick it, drop it and that's that.

    The last 3 times Emma laid an egg, it was soft shelled. We didn't know it was hers till the 3rd egg. I've been trying to get Tums into her with no luck.
    She just shakes her head so hard that everything, water..poly-vi-sol...tums..everything. I'm so frustrated and worried.

    Does anyone have any suggestions? Emma is in my bathroom now, just sits, walks a little, won't get close to any bowls of food or water (pedialyte).
    She clucks a bit. I don't know what else to do.



  2. Can anyone help me?
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    We have had hens act like this too. A few months ago we lost a couple. I decided to get aggressive. My feed store guy said most chickens die from worms. The belly will seem bloated,feel for the breast bone and then go back. She might be really full. If she is the worms are eating all the food she eats and make her so full she will stop eating and die of starvation. I used a shot of injectable Ivomectin first, then follow 2 weeks or so with Valbazen orally. Both uses are off label but my hens are alive and well today. Had 2 real sick ones when I started this routine. Now all is well. Search these medicines on this forum and get going. Hen will be better real soon and do the follow as different worms are killed by different meds. I never saw a worm,in poop or anywhere. But they had em.
  4. Thanks Willie647, for your suggestion. Can you give me the dosages and exactly how you administered the Ivomectin shot and the Valbezen.

    I appreciate your feedback [​IMG]

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