Hen not laying, excessive panting, swollen abdomen

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    May 21, 2011
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    I have a 9 month old black star hen that has stopped laying and has been panting excessively (all the time). She has always been bigger looking than the other 3 black star hens and appears to have a swollen abdomen. But she's looked that way for the last couple of months. She also has had a swollen foot, but it seems to have been getting better without treatment. Other than hanging back and following the others around more slowly, she eats and acts just fine. Could she be egg-bound? Internal laying? A bacterial infection? If she is egg-bound or an internal layer, should I put her out of her misery? Any help is appreciated. Thanks. [​IMG]
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    Jun 4, 2011
    It does sound like she is egg bound.

    Give her a warm bath and keep her separated so the others do not kill her. Also (I know this sounds gross) Wear a latex glove and lubricate her vent with vasseline.

    She may also be suffering from the heat or dehydration, so when you separate her give her plenty of water.

    Hope she turns out OK [​IMG]
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    Hhhmmm....we tried that (feeling around in her vent for a stuck egg) about a month or so ago and didn't find anything and she has been laying just fine. I guess we'll try again and see what happens. It hasn't been that warm here so I don't think she's too warm. Thanks. :-/
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    Search ascites here on this site (using Search tab up above) and see if what you find sounds like what you're observing with your hen.

    (your first post said she stopped laying, your second that she's laying just fine - just to clarify, when was the last time she laid an egg?)

    The panting can be indicative of pain (especially if it's not hot) - how long has the panting been going on?

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