Hen not laying... Too many roosters?

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  1. Rachel0808

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    Dec 5, 2017

    I am new to the chicken world and have alot to learn. I bought a breeding pair about 2 months ago and the hen has yet to lay an egg. In my coop I have 5 roosters and 1 hen. Could this be the problem? There is enough space for all and enough boxes. She hasn't layed any eggs and haven't see any mating as well. The roosters really don't mess with her and all of them get along. I'm in Florida so we are still having 80+ degree weather here so that is not the issue. Also, these are all silkies. .

    Thanks for any tips or answers. I can't wait to be a pro on the chicken world one day!
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    Temperature should never affect laying, even with silkies.
    Days are still getting shorter and have been since summer solstice so that is likely part of the problem.
    5 roosters and 1 hen is a problem. How old are they? You said they aren't mating. I can't imagine a hen with 5 roosters not getting overbred which would stress her out and stress usually prevents ovulation.
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    How old is the hen (hen is the name once it reaches 1 year of age, until then it is a pullet)?
    The hen-rooster ratio has nothing to do with laying or not. Lack of mating most likely indicates that they are not yet mature.
    Although with that amount of roosters, once they start mating they will rip your hen to pieces. 1-9 is the recommended ratio.
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  4. That's ONE rooster to 9 hens, not the other way around :eek:
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    Btw, welcome and enjoy your stay :)
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  6. Mrs. Light Sussex

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    obviously :D
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    The 'rooster' to hen ratio of 1:10 that is often cited is primarily for fertility efficiency in commercial breeding facilities.

    It doesn't mean that if a cockbird has 10 hens that he won't abuse or over mate them.

    Many breeders keep pairs, trios, quads, etc

    It all depends on the temperaments of the cock and hens and sometimes housing provided.
  8. Brahma Chicken5000

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    How old is the pullet?
  9. keesmom

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    How old are all the birds in question? Silkies can be difficult to sex. Are you positive of their genders?

    If you are sure of their genders, why are you keeping all 5 males? And in the same pen with one lone female? They may get along now but at some point that gender ratio is going to cause some major problems.
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    Five males to one female could indeed affect laying (if she's even old enough at this point). They may all be getting along now if they're not of breeding age. Once those hormones it, it's very likely those randy cockerels won't give that pullet a moment's peace - chasing her around, gang breeding her to the point she won't be able to eat, drink, dust bathe or rest. At least that's the experience I had when my ratio was about 1:1 (that issue was resolved in short order)

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