Hen NOT Sitting & Cracked Eggs


Apr 13, 2017
1. My hen has been laying for almost a year now. She started sitting for most of the day, but now she ignores the nest. She has made six nests now. She completely uprooted my garden to lay her egg last week. I have tried giving her the whole yard so she can lay anywhere and I have tried closing her to the back corner where she started to sit. What can I do?

2. My second question is I went outside yesterday and found two cracked eggs in the middle of the yard. After this, I have counted 8 cracked eggs in total. When I go to feed my three ducks the males attack and hiss. I can't even go into their pen to feed them! Please help. Thank you so much!!


Free Ranging
May 8, 2017
Eastern Connecticut
For your first question, I assume you have a nest box for her? If so, I'd lock her in the run and coop with fake eggs to re-encourage her to lay there. Otherwise, if you don't, I'd get a bunch of nest boxes (or make them) and put them where you'd prefer her to lay, but in a nice place under a bush where she feels protected. Put fake eggs in that as well. That may help.

For your second question, I'd put that up on the duck thread.

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