hen off feed 2 days now

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    I have 8 comets all but this one doing well she's been off her feed and stays away from the rest . has been laying under the ramp into the house . I have her quarantined now from the rest. her comb appears reddish but around her eyes and waddle seem to be pail.
    she also appears to have the squirts. I took the best pics I could (actually my wife did she won't touch the girls...ooooo yuck...lol). their feed consist of laying mash and cracked corn, snacks in the evening are table scraps, veggies,fruit,cooked potatoes,rice, uncooked oatmeal is their favorite. they don't get them every night probably 3 maybe 4 nights. I was on chat this morning and they suggested yogurt and apple cider vinegar. I added it to the main flocks water as well. any help you could give me would be grateful. and thank you for your site. ( un able to post pics here if you let me know where i'll gladly do so, if they will be of any help to you)
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    For the one in isolation, I would remove treats - except yogurt and oats. Give her feed and water, and grit. If she is already laying, make sure she has access to some oyster shell. (You didn't say how old she is.) The acv in her water is good.

    Keep a watch and see how her droppings look after 12 hours of no extra treats.

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