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Discussion in 'Chicken Behaviors and Egglaying' started by rahbunn, Aug 3, 2014.

  1. rahbunn

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    Oct 14, 2013
    Schaumburg Illinois
    So I have Buff Orpington named Omelet that for the last two days has been sitting on the roost. She came out for a little while yesterday but went back into the henhouse. When I was cleaning the henhouse she pecked my head a couple times and got really big, like a Bloomin Onion chicken. All her feathers were up, her butt was up and her head shrunk down into her body so she looked super round and huge. This morning, same thing...I let all the hens outside and she didn't come out. I went to the henhouse about an hour later to gather eggs...there were three...not hers, but she was still up on the roost all blown out when I approached her.

    Is there anyone out there that has had a similar situation, and can you help me understand what she is doing, and what I can do to help her get out of her funk?
  2. ShockValue

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    Jan 10, 2010
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    She's gone broody. Just in the wrong place. :)
  3. nuttyboo

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    May 31, 2014
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    Your hen is broody, typical broody behaviour, if you have fertilized eggs and want chicks let her sit otherwise you may want to break her of it. BO are famous broody hens
  4. Papas Chickens

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    Jul 13, 2014
    Dateland Arizona
    You got yourself a Broody right there, would enjoy learning how to break them of it though. [​IMG]

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