Hen ONLY lays double yolk eggs


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Interesting and surprising. The mothers and grandmothers of Cornish X lay hatchable single-yolked eggs so it's not something bred into Cornish X.

The parent-line hens for Cornish X apparently lay a lot of doubles at the start of their laying lives.

This is a little complicated, but our former next-door neighbor worked with a guy whose brother worked for a hatchery. The workers were allowed to bring home the doubles to eat since they're not hatchable in a practical sense. The guy was single so he gave them to his brother to take to work. When they started piling up in the breakroom my neighbor would collect them all, bring them home, and (with our permission), stick them into our outside fridge -- we had a big family and no chickens of our own at the time so we were delighted to have them.

So for 4-6 weeks for a couple springs we had a windfall of these monster eggs.

They were so big that they were transported in every other space of a flat with another flat taped on top with strapping tape. No carton could possibly have held them.

Mrs. K

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I always cook mine as fried eggs, and my kids alway thought they were a sign of luck.

I had a BO that laid them several times a week for the 1st 6 months, less often after that, and then none the next year.

Mostly I would not worry about it. I would not try and hatch them, the shell while bigger is not big enough for two chicks.

Mrs K

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