Hen or a Rooster, maybe even what breed?


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May 7, 2012
New Hampshire
To start off, these two chickens are rescues. They came together, and are the near to the same age.
I know the chicken in the back (Willard), is indeed a rooster, what breed? I have no idea. The chicken in the front hasn't shown any signs of being a rooster like the other one. He crows, attempts to mate with hens, and does many other roostery things. ha, but I just do not have a clue what gender this chicken is. It's name is Poppy, and I'm still unsure of the breed. Any guesses on gender or guesses on breed for either one? They very well could be crosses!

Thanks everybody! :)
The white one in the front looks like a apenzeller spitzhauben
A spitzhauben should not have a beard. I'm guessing it's a mix of some kind; a Spitzhauben/bearded Polish perhaps, or maybe a Brabanter crossed with something dominant white. I'm thinking boy.

Is the one in back one of those Icelandic chickens?
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I think they are both roosters. Often the submissive one doesn't crow.... But I could be totally wrong as I am not familiar with polish. I think I see some saddle feathers though..
Both are definite roosters and both are mixes. Mixed with some crested breed.
This. Both roos. I'm not good with crested breeds so I'm not sure what they're mixed with but we have some folks who are good with those types that should poke their heads in sometime!
the blue/red roo is a polish cross of some sort the white roo looks to be pure polish, but a mixed color or someones project color like the black crested whites

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