Hen or roo? (Sweet, 4 month Blue Cochin)

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    Dec 19, 2011
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    Hi, everyone! This is my first post and our family are are first-time chicken owners. One of our 3 is a sweet and docile Blue Cochin who surprised us by loudly crowing twice two days ago, around 10 am. She has been silent since. She has little spur buds, but so do our other two (RI red and the Leghorn cross). No obvious tail feathers yet, although her waddle is bigger than the other's. She also has a very fuzzy, downy bottom, and doesn't mind be held, even on her back.

    Please help a new chicken family learn whether Misty is a boy or girl!

    Is 3-4 months old enough to sex a Cochin? Would a roo have obvious tail feathers by now? From what I've read here, spur buds are not a reliable sign, and that roo-like behavior sometimes happens in the absence of a dominant roo.

    Or are we just kidding ourselves ? (Out little kids would be so sad to see Misty go...)

    THANK YOU!!!

    I tried to post pics and a link to a short Youtube clip, but the forum tells me that due to recent spam problems, new members must "reduce the number of URLs or images in your post to 0." [​IMG] Bummer - we really need your help.

    Her clip on YouTube is titled: "Docile Blue Cochin" youtu.be/7NM3AXUZpps I'm at [email protected], if I could e-mail pics to anyone. We would be grateful for any input!
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    well you need 10 posts to upload a pic, so you could just post 10 times and then do it. [​IMG]
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    She he crowed, he's a boy. With Cochins you should be able to tell by this age but you'd need other Cochins to compare to.
  4. stormylady

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    I watched the video and I believe he is a Rooster. [​IMG] so sorry. I hope I'm wrong for your kids sake.
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    That looks like a roo. The suspicious characteristics are the size and color of the comb & wattles (girls really don't get those until 5 months), the darker colored pointy feathers at the base of the tail & neck (saddle and hackle feathers)... and since cochins are such fluffy butts, they don't get the same kind of regal tail feathers as the more "classic" roosters so that won't be a good indicator.

    Hackle and saddle feathers will be pointed, so next time you pick him up hold a white piece of paper under those feathers and look for the shape of the feather itself. Sometimes hens have deceptive patterns that look pointed but when closely examined, the feathers are round. Blue shouldn't be one of those colors, though.
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    Aug 14, 2011
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    Can he/she fly very well for being a chick? most roos, it doesn't matter the age, can fly better. like flying up, flying across brooder etc... thats how we found out one of my chicks was a roo, cause he (then a "she") flew out of the brooder when I was getting their food (rookie mistake-lol)
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    Quote:[​IMG] This is really iffy, I've never seen a difference, but then I never watched for that trait either. I have forgotten a time or too and left the screen off of the top of the brooder to awaken to all of them perched on the side of the brooder box, boys and girls alike all the same age. [​IMG]

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