Hen or Roo?


10 Years
Jun 16, 2009
Waddell AZ
This little one is 7 mos., very tiny, Serama, no crowing or laying yet. Some have told me roo but I'm wondering if it is a hermaphrodite chicken???
roosters have those long slinder pointed saddle and hackle feathers. he is deffentlly 100% cockerel
Oh! And just cause there is no eggs at seven months means nothing! My girls JUST started laying, and they are 8.5 months! Your guy is still all boy though :)
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I agree My suprised Stay chicks eggs Hatched in july.. 9th. so They are 6 months old now. and I check daily for any eggs!!.. esp since momma is abviously Egg lying age!.. I"m DYING to try a fresh laid egg!! never ever ever had one before.. and im even more excited at tthe prospect of more babies!!!!

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