Hen or Roo?

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    On Wednesday somebody gave me 2 "hens". One of them has already had an egg but im not 100% which one. They came from a house with 2 roosters and 4 hens. They are some sort of Cochin mix but the woman was not sure what there mixed with. The two of them are about silkie size though one is slightly bigger and i think may be a roo. One appears to have a pea comb and I think shes the hen but she also might have a small rose comb or walnut comb. the other one has a largeish rose comb or walnut comb bigger than the other ones. The hens eyes are dark brown while the other one had golden eyes. They are both black with feathered feet and some orange around there necks. The one I think is a rooster seems to be very vocal but hasn't crowed. And the hen has a tail that in not held up but curls down toward her butt its like a numb of feathers or a ball. The other ones feathers still up in stead off curling into a ball but its dosnt have a long flowing tail. And lastly The one i think is a male will grab the other ones neck and it appears hes trying to mount her but I couldnt be sure. The other one( hen) is terrified of this one and I feel bad for it. If anyone could please help that would be great.

    i got this off google her tail feathers look like this
    [​IMG]the other ones tail is more like this (i also got this picture of google0
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    Unfortunately it is impossible to sex your birds based off of random photos from google of other birds -- but if you take pictures of your birds and post them we will be happy to help you
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