Hen or Rooster? And what about breed?

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    Apr 16, 2009
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    Two weeks ago we got our little bantam chickies from TSC.

    We got 5 little ones, and 1 that was a little bit older.

    When we got them we had 1 little black fuzzball who is growing up fast.

    We believe we have determined that the older one is a golden sebright based on the consensus on BYC.

    Do you think it's too early to tell what breed the little one is and what sex it is? I think it's beginning to look like a golden sebright but I was just curious what your thoughts were.

    And for whatever reason these two seem to butt their chests against each other. The older one only does it with this one, atleast that's what I have seen.

    So here we go...

    Our little black fuzzball at about 1 week old:

    It's now been with us at the house for two weeks. This is what it looks like now. And in my opinion this comb seems to be more pronounced, but that's just me. We are looking at the one on the right.

    And this is what the older one looks like, who people believe is a golden sebright.

    So at this point, what do you think.... Can we tell the sex? And can we determine what the smaller one is??

    Thanks for all of your help and thoughts!!


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