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    My newborn chickens are 10 days old.
    When can you tell if it's a hen or rooster?
    Then what do you do if it is a rooster?
    If you want to keep the rooster.You introduce the rooster at about 8 weeks.
    At what age or weeks does the rooster meet with the hen to create fertile eggs?
  2. Some breeds of chicken are sex-linked, and they can be sexed at hatching but for most chicks, you will have to wait a few weeks minimum, possibly months to be able to accurately sex them, unless if you DNA or vent sex. Some breeds are extra hard to sex, like silkies. What breed of chicken do you have? What you want to watch for is early comb development and redness. Cockerels often also have thicker legs.

    There are only three real options of what to do with a rooster.

    1. You could process and eat the extra cockerels. Many people do.
    2. You can keep the cockerels, but make sure you do not have too many cockerels to hens or you may have fighting and over breeding. You may also need to check laws concerning keeping roosters where you live.
    3. You could rehome the roosters - but be aware they may be purchased for meat.

    It will take 4-6 months normally before a cockerel is mature enough to fertilize eggs.
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