Hen or rooster?

Aug 18, 2019
We’ve had chickens for three years now and when we ordered new chicks from the hatchery, we got this little one as an add on. So, I don’t know if it’s a hen or a rooster. Can anyone tell me what it is? This chicken is now almost 3 months old.
Do you have additional photos?

Forgive me for being the odd man out, but I think it is a pullet. I have 3 SLP myself and one is 100% cockerel and was crowing at 9 weeks, had a larger, red comb than the others at that age, and scraggly/spiky crest feathers. My other two SLP, one is 100% Pullet, with soft, rounded head feathers and still no discernible comb or wattles. The third one was a “failure-to-thrive” that has somehow managed to stay alive, albeit it’s half the size of the other SLP in my flock. I don’t know the sex of that one, but it just started getting a pinkish comb and has somewhat scraggly crest like my male, but no large saddle or tail feathers. Later I’ll post recent photos of all three, but they were born near the end of March. They are about 21 weeks old.

Picture 1 is Beyoncé at 9 weeks (my Pullet) and picture 2 is Celine Dion (now Elton John) also at nine weeks. Note the difference in comb development and redness.


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