Hen or Rooster?


9 Years
Jun 5, 2010
16 week old Buff Orpington. What do you think? Looking pretty roosterish to me, especially when compared to the other Buff Orpington in the background.

hmmm ... he's starting to look more delicious. What's the best age for eating one of this breed?
16-20 weeks. I'd go more towards the 16 though. I processed 2 roosters at 21 weeks and unless it was in the crock pot, it was tough. (I did 1 in the crock pot - nice and tender, the 1 I baked was tough)
Definitely a roo. My 17 week Buffy has no comb or wattles like that... Pick a good recipe!
Well, you were all wrong. My "rooster" started laying on Friday. Got a second egg out her today. I had decide to wait for it to crow before eating it; good thing I did. She doesn't know how close she was to the soup pot.
That is so funny!
I would have guessed a roo as well. I mean really!!!!!
Look at that comb, I could do my hair with it for Pete's sake.
Well, enjoy her eggs.
Wow, I was all prepared to comment "Roo." and then I read down. Congratulations, I'm glad you decided to wait for the crow (and I bet your hen is too!)

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