Hen or rooster?


8 Years
May 19, 2011
Can you tell from these pics what they are?
This one has tufted feet:

The black one:

What to look for?
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The top pic is a buff brahma. Can't be 100% certain without knowing the age, but I'm going with pullet.

Don't have a clue on the 2nd one, sorry.
I think buff brahma and silver laced wyandotte. I think they're pullets but knowing age would help.
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They look just like my 6 week olds. Both look like my pullets. My buff brahma roo has a very distinct pinkish orange comb since he was 4 weeks. Oh yea, I agree--buff brahma, silver laced wyandotte or silver laced something if not wyandotte. Actually, does the black and silver one have green legs? Maybe an easter egger if so.
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I am by no means an expert, but can generally tell most males from females at this point in my poultry keeping experience. At this age you should look at their legs, stances and faces. If the legs are thick and sturdy in comparison to their body size then you have a male indicator. If they stand very upright and their center of gravity seems high then that is also a male indicator. If their faces are quite red/dark pink in the the comb and wattle area then that is a male indicator.

As they age you will see secondary characteristics such as saddle feathers, pointed hackle feathers, spur development, and iridescence to their saddles and hackles if you have a male.

I'm not sure from the posted pics. A good head shot, some side shots, and their age should clear it up. They look like girls to me, but I am only guessing.
yes, they are young, perhaps six - seven weeks by now. I believe all your ID's are correct. I just forgot what I got! I had to play pick and choose when I got them as they were supposed to be straight run. I got lucky.

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