Hen or Rooster??


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Jan 21, 2011
I thought this was supposed to be a Hen but, heard it crow the other day. Just need help with telling the difference between the 2. What do you look for?
Agree!!! If you're unsure about the sex and seeing some roo-ish type indicators and then the darn thing crows.....!!!!??? Well, you're still just in the denial mode I guess, lol!!!
It looks like a light brahma roo to me
I'm sorry I just looked at your number of posts and didn't realize that you might be totally new!

Generally speaking a roo will look longer and leaner than a hen, stand taller, have their head up more "on the look out", have thicker legs, larger comb/waddles and turn red quicker, be more aggresive try and pick more fights, establish dominance, then develop saddle and hackle feathers, and depending on the breed be more colorful, oh yeah, then of course start to crow and mount the hens. Hens will be smaller, shorter, more round body, more solid colors more plain & less flashy, and no saddle or hackle feathers, but instead have a "cape".
Welcome to the forum! Glad you joined. Those are three very nice looking birds. The middle one is definately a rooster, and I think some of the previous responses covered all the bases on the differences between roos and hens. Just wanted to welcome you!
Thank you everyone for your help. My sons were exited when I told them "Violet" was a rooster and we need to change the name.

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