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    Jun 15, 2010
    I am not sure which section this question goes in so I cross posted it....

    I am brand new to chickens and have made major mistakes already I am sure so here goes....

    I had been given 2 hens, a rooster and a bunch of young pullets but the neighbor's dog ripped off the wall of the coop and got all but 2 of the pullets. Obviously I was upset (and so were my 2 scared little 6 wk old pullets!) so I immediately went out and got 2 BR hens and a rooster from a big BR breeder. The same day from a woman down the road, I got 4 appx 8 wk old mixed pullets. Put them all together and they settled in well. Added 4 more pullets from the same lady about 5 days later that were appx 6 wks. All went well. A friend was told about my massacre and offered me 2 Aracauna mix hens- 1 raising a brood of 4 that are about 3 wks, the other hen was always the one picked on by her other hens. So I got those on Saturday. I put the 3 wk olds in with my 4 BO pullets that are about the same age. I didn't really need them right now but she was anxious to get rid of them. Anyway- picked on hen laid an egg in the crate she was in before I got her home so I was pretty happy. But yesterday I got home from spending the day with dad and my 2 BR hens had both laid in eggs in their normal nesting box and they were both pecked... one cracked open and a mess, the other just cracked. What do I do??? Who is responsible??

    The setup: they have a 12 x 12 run and go out every night on 2 acres for about 3 hrs. They have an attached coop that is 4 x12 with 3 hen boxes. Most of the time they are not in the coop at all and some even roost in the yard at night. Tomorrow the expansion of the yard is supposed to be completed.... into 12x30. We are planning to convert the hen house into 9x12 before the end of the month.

    Any ideas who the guilty chicken is? I can remove one hen or both into jumbo dog crates if need be until the coop is finished but will that change anything? Am I doomed to nightmares about cannibalistic egg killing hens???

    I should add that I have golf balls in the hen box but the eggs that were broken were brown.

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